Event Calendars

Schedule events throughout the year for all your visitors to see. see more..

Visitor Statistics

Keep track of your online visitors. see more..

Database Management

Easy to Manage Membership. see more..

Online Newsletter

Create your own newsletter directly on the site. see more..

Trip Planner

Make it easy for you visitors to reach their destination. see more..

Media Center

Place press releases. see more

  • Dynamic Event Calendars - Input calendar items and have them show up on your website immediately.
  • Visitor Statistics - Learn more about your visitors by using our DeepMetrix statistics reporting tool.
  • Database Management - Manage your stakeholders, or tourism providers information right through the website. Also manage visitor information through the administrative interface.
  • Trip Planner - Visitors can click through your site, adding businesses or activities to their trip planner. When they're ready, they can print out a list of all the activities and businesses they chose to make their visit easier.
  • Media Center - Provide photographs, press releases and downloadable documents in the media center. You can even provide high resolution images that are only available after a user gives you their information and you approve them.
  • Online Editing and Control - Add or delete pages to the site at any time and the menu system will automatically reflect your changes.
  • Online Newsletter - Capture visitor's email addresses and then send them periodic newsletters about your area, all within the online administrative interface.
  • Weather - Give your visitors a glimpse of what the weather is doing in your area
  • Online Postcards - Let your visitors send postcards to their friends, driving more targeted traffic to your site.
  • Contests - offer contests that will capture targeted visitor information for you to use in your newsletters and press releases. Then have the system automatically choose a random winner for you.
  • Itinerary Builder - You know your area best! Tell your visitors how to get the most out of their visit.
  • Business Directory - Display your entire business directory, or just the tourism related categories of accommodations, dining and things to do.
  • Search Engine Optimization - Every dynamic page has the ability to edit the meta tags for individual page customization.


Civic System is a dynamic product. We are open to your suggestions for improving and customizing the application. We can even build a custom module for you.